CARE Consultancy: Design/update of communication and advocacy strategy of the target CSOs

CARE International is looking for a Consultant(s)/ organization/ company to undertake the following
• Together with CSOs staff, review the existing communication and advocacy (CA) documents and propose concrete improvements for CA engagement,
• In cooperation with CARE, organize a two days CA workshop with representative staff from all partner CSOs,
• In communication with the partners, design/update of comprehensive individual CA strategies for each of the 7 partner CSOs, to be approved by CSOs responsible bodies within the consultation period,
• Provision of the Consultancy Report to CARE

CARE’s Outputs
• Provide necessary information and documentation on the project to the Consultant and agree on the work plan with the Consultant;
• Coordinate with partner organisations and the Consultant during the entire preparation and realisation of the task,
• Provide logistical support to the Consultant necessary for the realisation of the task, other than travel logistics (travel and accommodation costs for the fieldwork envisaged should be included in the Consultants’ bid).

Closing date for applications is February 15th, 2019, 15h

More information: TOR PR for C A strategy for 7 CSOs