Consultancy: Improving Service Provision of 7 Target NGOs

Within the project: Better social protection through building capacity of CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Deadline for application: Thursday 28th, February 2019, 15h

CARE International is looking for a Consultant(s)/ organization/ company to undertake the following activities:
• Mapping of services that each of the 7 CSOs are providing to their beneficiaries,
• Conducting beneficiary/client satisfactory survey for each of the target CSOs services,
• Propose improvements in the current service provision portfolio for each of the 7 target CSOs,
• Coaching/mentoring for enhancement of each CSO service practice, according to the proposed improvements (through designing of new activities in line with market & beneficiary demand)
• Provision of the Consultancy Report to CARE,

More information: TOR PR for mapping for 7 CSOs