Successful Women – Successful Communities!

Today we investigated all the important segments of one non-governmental organization, its structure, management, development, financing, sustainability. We talked about the challenges that Organizations meet, and about the role and responsibilities of all parties to participate in the development and construction of a healthy, active organization that works for the benefit of all the members of the local community. It was discussed also about initiatives of women through the establishment of social enterprises.

It’s time lifelong learning, and it is the time for leadership skills to develop, to motivate new members to join in the efforts of the development of the local community.
We familiarized with the SWOT analysis, so in smaller groups, we discussed strengths/weaknesses and opportunities/threats that come from the environment. These analyses will allow us to discuss some of our next actions and activities.

The workshop was organised in the framework of our project “Strengthening leadership skills of girls and women in the Mostar region through educational workshops and videos, and through promotional campaign” which is supported by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.