The association owns a 1.1 hectare farm near Mostar (Humiliani). The farm consists of a building with an office space, a classroom for 20 people, a conference room, two rooms for 4 people, a kitchen, a garage, a guest room, a bathroom and an elevator for disabled people. All rooms at the property are fully accessible to people with disabilities.

The farm also has concrete tracks that connect all the facilities on the farm. The facility where the offices are located is protected from external influences by a green flat roof on which a large number of succulents (guardians) of various kinds grow. This roof also serves as a collector and purifier for rainwater that we collect at another utility facility and that we use to water the plants on dry days. The auxiliary facility has an installed and additional cooling chamber with a capacity of 10m3.

The cooling chamber, as well as other electrical consumers, is partly powered by our 4.5 kW solar photovoltaic power plant. In order to have clean water in sufficient quantities for daily use and watering the plants, we made a 90m deep well from which water is also pumped by the sun with an electric submersible pump. The farm has two large greenhouses of 500 m2 each, two orchards with 200 different trees, an apiary, a composting plant, an automated clearing house, a 300kg solar electric dryer and many other amenities.

The farm serves us as a place to work, to educate, to serve as an example and a place to socialize.

The farm operates on permaculture principles without using any herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and chemistry in general.