Open Door Days – Call for Organizations of Persons with Disabilities and Organizations Dealing with the Protection of Rights of Persons with Disabilities

On the occasion of marking the International Day of persons with disabilities (3 December) and International volunteer day (5 December) we run the action as volunteering for officials in the organisations for persons with disabilities, entitled “OPEN DOOR DAYS IN ORGANIZATIONS FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES”,
The idea is that volunteers (relevant representatives of the different levels of government, and representatives of international community present in Bosnia and Herzegovina) spend this week a few hours in implementing designed task within the organizations of persons with disabilities.
We want to get volunteering officials closer to the challenges and problems of organizations of persons with disabilities decision-makers in our society and affect their active involvement in the creation of equal conditions and opportunities for equal inclusion of persons with disabilities in all social trends.
With this action, we want to show the public day-to-day problems and challenges that members of this population meet, but also to promote their abilities and possibilities.
We want organizations of persons with disabilities to take advantage of the opportunity and hospitality representatives of government institutions, to decree on the problems and challenges that are dealing, and to develop partner relations and deepen co-operation with actors in the decision making within our society.
Action “OPEN DOOR DAYS” (2-6 December) is held in a time when many organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina mark the international day of persons with disabilities when they can invite officials to join the planned events for marking this very important date or volunteer on a particular assignment within the organization of persons with disabilities during one of the days in this week.
If you want to join the Action, send us the information about the planned activities for the volunteering, the relevant officials in your office, which we will enter into a common Calendar of events, which we will in the course of this week promote in the media. The calendar of events will be created during the month of November.
Action “OPEN DOOR DAYS” are implemented by the organizations: the Organization UDAS, UG Nešto Više, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (hCa) Banja Luka, as part of a project funded by the European Union under the name of the Community of different, but equal citizens, and in cooperation with the Network women persons with disabilities and a Network of survivors of mines.
For any additional information please contact on phone numbers: 051/432-750 (Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (hCa)) or 051/437 488 (Organization UDAS), and e-mail addresses: azolja@hcabl.org and info@udas.rs.ba

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