-Within the EU project “Wood and Metal Technical Academy” Teslic (WMTA Teslić), a training center in the wood and metal sector was officially opened in Teslić

Within the project funded by the EU “Wood and Metal Technical Academy” Teslić in the premises of the Public Institution High School “Nikola Tesla” in Teslić, 30.09.2014. The training center in the wood and metal sector was officially opened in The opening was attended by a large number of guests from the municipality of Teslić, representatives of the municipality and a large number of organizations from the municipality of Teslić.
Mr. Duško Cvjetinović, project manager, introduced the guests to the project and its activities, and solemnly presented certificates to the trainers who were trained as part of the Training for trainers in the project.
Mr. Massimo Mina, head of the Section for Operations for Social Development, Civil Society and Cross-Border Cooperation in DEU BiH, emphasized that one of the EU’s goals is to enable adult education through regular educational institutions in order to enable lifelong learning. In addition, he stressed that this is a good example of cooperation, because the implementation of this project involves all relevant actors: the local community (Municipality of Teslic), educational institution (PI High School “Nikola Tesla”) and civil society “Association of Citizens” Something More ”).
Mayor of Teslić, Mr. Milan Miličević emphasized that the Municipality of Teslić supported this project, and that in the future it will always support similar initiatives, because such projects more easily and quickly meet the needs of the labor market in relation to the current education system in BiH.
The project provided space, necessary equipment and staff for conducting trainings in the wood and metal sector, for the professions: furniture designer (Corpus software), painter / painter, designer of machine parts (Inventor software) and welder.
The project is implemented by the Association of Citizens “Something More”, in partnership with the Public High School “Nikola Tesla” Teslic. The total value of the project is 110,540.34 euros, of which the European Union finances 93,940.34 euros from IPA 2009, and the Municipality of Teslić 16,600 euros.
Contact person for more information:
Duško Cvjetinović, Project Manager, Email: duskocvjetinovic@nestovise.org, Tel: 033 788 740033 788 740

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