-What are the needs of employers for labor in agriculture?

As part of the USAID-funded project “Support to Agricultural Development in Herzegovina”, the Citizens ‘Association Nešto Više has produced a new publication entitled “Analysis of Employers’ Labor Needs in the Agricultural and Processing Sector of the Herzegovina Region for 2014”. The publication was prepared by colleagues from the Center for Development and Support (CRP) Tuzla.
According to the analysis, in the first 6 months of 2014, 731 jobs were created in the PPP sector of Herzegovina (agricultural and food processing sector), of which 516 workers were employed seasonally, while 215 of them established longer-term employment. For the next period, more than 45% of surveyed employers in the PPP sector plan to hire new labor force (a total of 203 people), of which the most sought after are workers with secondary education and skilled workers. As far as higher education is concerned, employers express a somewhat smaller need, and show that the most sought after are economists, technologists, veterinarians and agronomists.
You can download the complete analysis here: file icon pdf ANALYSIS OF LABOR NEEDS IN THE PPP SECTOR OF Herzegovina_July 2014.pdf

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