-The first participatory meeting-we listen to future users

Within the project “Support to the development of agriculture in Herzegovina”, the first participatory meeting was held with those interested in participating in the project, on Tuesday, September 23, 2014. in the Agricultural Center for Professional Development Mostar. The project is funded by USAID and implemented by the Citizens’ Association “Something More”.
The first in a series of these meetings was mainly focused on unemployed young people and women regardless of education, who shared their experiences and difficulties encountered in the job search process in the profession. Several of those present were representatives of potential beneficiaries who are not yet engaged in agriculture, but intend to become active in this field, and want to take advantage of the opportunities offered to them through this project.
The topic of training in agriculture was mostly discussed, but also in life skills in order to improve the chances of (self-) employment for users. The need for internships was also discussed, as well as opportunities to provide internships (40 working hours) and / or professional internships (320 working hours) to a certain number of interested parties in the Association, but also in other organizations / institutions / companies. Numerous other possibilities were mentioned, such as study visits, visits to the Educational Agricultural Mobile Service in places where users have their own production, networking with other organizations and individuals engaged in various activities in agriculture, processing or food, developing their own business ideas and business. plans, study of the most modern technologies and monitoring of world trends in agriculture, etc.

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