Within the project financed by the European Union, LPZ Banovići organized the FIRST ECONOMY FAIR OF BANOVIĆI MUNICIPALITY

As part of a project financed by the European Union, the Local Partnership for Employment (LPZ) Banovići organized the FIRST ECONOMY FAIR OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF BANOVIĆ on the occasion of the Municipal Day on September 10, 2023, in the Banovići Sports Hall.

At the one-day fair, small and large entrepreneurs from Banovići and the region, as well as educational institutions as an important link in LPZ, got the opportunity to present themselves to the public. At 34 exhibition stands, the citizens of Banovići could find out about local companies and employers’ needs for labor. Unemployed people were given the opportunity to leave their CV to the exhibitors for the purpose of employment opportunities. 

What makes us particularly happy is the arrival of a large number of children and youth at the fair. For most of them, this was their first experience where they could talk to company representatives, get to know their way of working, products and services, but also as an incentive to think about their future and career. 

The exhibition of photographs “Economy in Banovići” was also set up at the fair. 

Participation in the fair, i.e. complete infrastructure and visual promotion, was completely free for all exhibitors. 

“Seeing the public invitation, we expressed our interest in presenting our company through the fair for the first time, and the organizers provided us with that opportunity. With our first participation at the fair, we saw the importance of this kind of presentation because we made a large number of new contacts with potential users of our services and products, which will certainly result in business cooperation. The organization of the fair was excellent and exceeded our expectations.” – said Amir Suljagić, director of the company for the production of illuminated advertisements LightMedia from Tuzla. 

The fair was opened by the project coordinator Adem Lisičić, the municipal mayor dr. Bego Gutić and Minister of Economy of Tuzla Canton Edin Duraković. 

LPZ Banovići organized the Fair as part of the “Partnership to Work” project, which aims to harmonize demand and supply on the labor market in order to result in new employment and self-employment of unemployed persons after professional training and assistance provided by the project. 

Members of LPZa Banovići are UG NEŠTO VIŠE, Municipality Banovići, Association of Businessmen and Craftsmen Banovići, SZZTK-Biro Banovići, local companies and educational institutions. 

The local employment partnership Banovići is one of 20 partnerships established in BiH as part of the project “Support of the European Union to local employment partnerships – Phase II” (LEP II), financed by the European Union with 4 million euros, and implemented by the International Labor Organization (ILO). This project aims to contribute to improving employment opportunities in local communities by supporting the development of local employment partnerships as partner-based labor market mechanisms that ensure access to formal employment at the local level. 

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