I plant, and you? At the Petar Bakula Elementary School in Mostar!

Our collaborator-gardener in the campaign “I plant, and you?”, and the teacher in this school, Nives, told us how valuable her students are. She praises them constantly.

And she didn’t exaggerate, we made sure of that today by working with them in the school yard.

We have housed eight beautiful olive trees, to complete their urban garden. Cleaned up debris, gathered leaves, pruned existing plants, nibbled on some organic apples and pears…

Great action! And a lot of plans to continue cooperation – we can not wait for this great team to come to our property (Eco HUB Mostar). They promised to do so, right after the holidays!

Thanks to the kind biology teacher Anđelka (cheerful ecologists lit up her cheek – whatever we asked them, they knew!), The principal Mrs. Vidačak, our Nives, and the FANTASTIC TEAM of students who joined us in the action.

And we are part of the great action 500 🌳– “We plant fruit trees for a sweeter future”.

The activities take place within the project “Thoughts on Nature” implemented by the Center for the Promotion of Civil Society and funded by Sweden.

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