Let the challenging year end beautifully!

Eco HUB Mostar (CA Nešto Više) in cooperation with great collaborators from Konjic, Jablanica, Trebinje and Mostar, organizes a large ten-day action of planting fruit trees called “Let’s plant fruit trees for a sweeter future.”

Over 500 seedlings of cherries, sour cherries, figs, pomegranates, apples, pears, plums and olives are housed at the same time in these four Herzegovinian locations in gardens, yards, backyards, schools, kindergartens and other green areas cared for by our participants. We welcome a hard-working and cheerful team, from our youngest to the people of the golden age: an intergenerational community at work to improve the environment.

We thank the collaborators, with whom we are pleased to create a more beautiful world:

  • Scout Detachment “Neretva” Konjic, which, in addition to individuals, also included the Scout Detachment “Jablanica”, Konjic High School, Podorašac Regional Primary School, Eco Section of the First Primary School and Kindergarten “Zulejha Begeta”
  • Women’s Association “Most” Jablanica
  • Scout Detachment “Trebinje” Trebinje
  • Institution Kindergartens Mostar ( Kindergartens Sunce, House of stone, Radobolja, Mrvica and Rodoč)
  • Public Institution “Kindergartens – Ciciban” Mostar ( Kindergartens Zvjezdica, Pčelica, Jasmin, Bambi, Cernica and Renzo Donazzon – Bijelo Polje)
  • Petar Bakula Elementary School Mostar
  • Association of parents and children with special needs “Cheerful Smile” Mostar, and
  • Women’s Association “Vrba”, Gnojnice, Mostar.

We owe a big thank you to the kind and enterprising staff of Najvest d.o.o. Mostar.The activities take place within the project “Thoughts on Nature” implemented by the Center for the Promotion of Civil Society and funded by Sweden. #MisliOPrirodi #ThinkNature #CPCDba #EmbassyOfSwedenSarajevo #JaSadimATi #EkoHUBMostar #NeštoViše