International Expert Youth Conference concluded

29 panelists, 6 states  💪– we say it proudly that the International Expert Conference on Youth concluded.
From 14 to 17 December, Banja Luka was a gathering center for representatives of domestic🇧🇦, regional 🌀,   and international🌍 institutions, embassies, universities, international and non-governmental organizations, umbrella bodies for youth, companies – with young people and for young people on employment, education and youth policies!! Thinking about young people means taking youth policies seriously. At the same time, it means listening  🗣👂 to serious examples of good results. We talked to many other great panelists and people who contributed to the improvement of the areas that are the focus of the conference! 🙌

Thank you  to  🙏Sonja Davidović and Branka Malešević (Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of Republika Srpska), Vladimir Pandurević (Delegation of European Union in BiH, European Union in BiH), Maja Miljević (Mistral), Drago Gverić (Inovation center Banja Luka), Milki Marković  (Union of Employers Associations of RS), Ajla Mahmutović (Youth Council of the City of Cazin), Miroslav Varenta (Caritas), Monika Teczar (Regional Labour Office in Rzeszow) and Dajana Bašić (Youth Center Prnjavor), Ilija Trninić (Perpetuum Mobile), Krst Vukadinović (Directorate for Sports and Youthe), Rares Crauit (ECYC – European Confederation of Youth Clubs), Slaven Jelić (Department of Social Affairs Teslić), Tarik Imamović (Youth Council of the Brčko District of BiH), Danka Božić (IOM Bosnia and Herzegovina), Dalila Miljević and Snežana Culjag (Government of Brčko District of BiH), Jugoslav Radović (European Youth Card – EYCA), Admir Salihagić (International Burch University), Amer Osmić (Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo), Predrag Govedarica (Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer, University of Banja Luka), Bojana Lekić (American Corner Banja Luka), Lejla Hodović (Gender Centar Vlade Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine), Atom Mkhitaryan (Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia (FYCA)), Daniel Whalen (Saint John’s University), profeessor Steva Pucar, members of Youth Advisory Board (Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina) Sara Gluhović and Marija Grgić and to everyone who followed us online.