Women’s Empowerment-The first practical work experience for women with a college degree

At the very beginning of the project, they did not really believe that they would find a place to work in the short term and in the coming months go to work every day and perform work tasks within companies and institutions where they can acquire practical knowledge and skills. However, 38 young girls/ women are actively working the last months on specific work tasks and gaining their first work experience. Some of them have finished their practice, some are finishing. There are also those who continued to work and stayed to work in the company where they did their internship. The practice that was very necessary for them was made possible through a project supported by the United States Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina within the program “Women’s Empowerment”.

The Association of Citizens “Nešto Više” this year provides a very important opportunity for young women to find a job and start their business career easier and faster through the project “First practical work experience for women with a university degree”.

Giving thanks to the Embassy of the United States of America in Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Giving thanks to the employers who make it possible for interns.

“First practical work experience for women with a university degree” supported by @USEmbassySJJ within the program “Women’s Empowerment” and implemented by CA “Nešto Više”.

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