We have successfully completed the three-year project “Improvement of social services through strengthening NGOs in BiH”

All of us in #ugNeštoViše are proud to have been part of a large project to support the protectors of the most endangered categories in BiH! With the final partnership meeting, December 14, 2020, we successfuly competed the three-year project “Improvement of social services through strengthening NGOs in BiH” implemented by CARE International in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the support of the Government of the Czech Repubic and Care Czech Republic.

During the project vunerabe categories in BiH had support and care. A large number of people are employed through social enterprises. The position of abused women has been improved through the program of safe houses, the Roma population through work in social enterprises, the LGBT population, people suffering from cerebral palsy and dystrophy and other vulnerable categories in BiH.

Care International Balkans projects include organizations from all over BiH: UCPD Goražde, Amica Educa, Sarajevo Open Center, Budućnost Modriča, Duga, Otaharin, UG Nešto Više, COD Luna Rudo and UŽ Maja.

“I think that during this three-year project, the organizations used the support they received from the Government of the Czech Republic in an excellent way. By creating new and improving existing services according to their target groups in 2020, organizations remain at a much higher level than they were at the beginning of 2018, ” said Branislav Tanasijevic, project manager of CARE International Balkans.

“We can proudly say that we are left with invitation works that have made the lives of their users, representatives of marginalized groups better in the past three years, through the strengthening of civil society organizations, which was the ultimate goal we wanted to achieve.”, Pointed out Sumka Bučan, director of CARE International Balkans.

The project Improving Social Services through the Strengthening of NGOs in BiH over the past three years has significantly contributed to the strengthening of weak social welfare, as well as access to rights and social inclusion for marginalized and most vulnerable social categories. Part of the project will be continued with the support of the Austrian Deveopment Agency-ADA.

Exercising the right of chidren with disabilities to inclusive education! Through the project, the citizens’ association “Nešto Više” has developed occupational therapies and education in the field of permaculture, renewable energy sources,  energy efficiency and the green economy. Over 500 citizens underwent their education aimed at living in harmony with nature, and a large number of participants were children with disabilities.