Awarding of “Equal-Different” awards for leaders with disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On the occasion of December 4, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we are particularly pleased to announce the epilogue of the Equally-Different” awards for leaders with disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as an original attempt to highlight the achievements of people with disabilities. Life, work and field of activity served as a model and inspiration to others in the development of the  community and the creation of a society of equal opportunities.

The activity was organized within the project “Communities of different but equal citizens” funded by the European Union,  and implemented by the Organization of amputees UDAS in partnership with the Helsinki Citizens’ Parliament Banja Luka and the Association of Citizens “Nešto Više”. The project aims to increase the involvement of civil society organizations in the process of European integration of BiH in the fied of social inclusion with special emphasis on the rights and non-discrimination of persons with disabilities.

The winners of the “Equally different” award are Fatma Bulić, a leader with disabilities in the field of promotion and advocacy for the rights of people with disabilities, and Stjepan Perković, a leader with disabilities for achievements in art that serve as motivation and inspiration for others in their development and community contribution

As a sign of gratitude for many years of contribution in advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities, two additional awards “Equal-Different” were awarded to Nada Stuhi and Dragica Bekanović, who have been working in the movement for rights of persons with disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina for decades. As part of the campaign, a total of 60 nominations were received for 44 people in two categories.

Željko Volaš, President of the Organization of Amputators UDAS pointed out: “The Equally-Different” Award promotes leaders with disabilities and raises awareness of people with disabilities as one of the most severlly marginalized groups whose talents and potentials are underused and often ignored. Leaders with disabilities with their capacities and expertise are an element that is potentially lacking as a contribution to community development” Gianluca Vannini, head of the Section for Operations for Social Development, Civi Society and Cross-Border Cooperation, of the European Union Delegation to BiH, said that EU assistance is aimed at contributing to creating societies that, despite their diversity and limitations, have equal opportunities.

“By strengthening the unique concept of human rights, there is a need to raise awareness of equality and the abilities of persons with disabilities. It is important that people with disabilities adopt an awareness of their rights, but also of the obligations that society has towards them. We need to remove the barriers that limit them and focus on talents and potentials, not limitations. Success is possible, we just have to do enough “said Vannini. The European Union has set aside 500,000 euros for the project “Communities of Different but Equal Citizens” with the aim of creating conditions for the integration of people with disabilities. Through advocacy campaigns and the promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities, work is being done to raise the capacity of local authorities, and to involve civil society organizations in the process of consultation and decision-making relevant to persons with disabilities.

For all additional information, you can contact the Organization of amputees UDAS on 051 439 239 or info@udas.rs.ba.