Four organizations from Mostar are trying to overcome the problems of people with disabilities caused by COVID.

What it is like to be and live as a person with disability in our society, we were able to see for ourselves in part during the COVID pandemic. We all see how difficult it is to be isolated, find a job, move, educate children from home and the like.

However, people with disabilities have had much bigger and more serious problems for years, especially now in these difficult times. However, there have always been individuals and organizations that strive to provide the best possible conditions for the education, work and life of people with disabilities. Their work has always been hard and today it is even harder.

In order to improve the position of persons with disabilities, strengthen their organizations through the development of new projects and capacities, and lobby the government institutions for financing education and occupational therapies, the Association of Citizens  “Nešto Više” from Mostar gathered around three other organizations to work together. In order for the results to be as good as possible, they received assistance from CARE International Balkans within the project “Improvement of social services through strengthening NGOs in BiH”, which is financally supported by CARE Czech Republic and the Government of the Czech Republic.

By signing the Memorandum between AC “Nešto Više” and the Association of Parents of Children with Special Needs Vedri Osmijeh, the Social Enterprise with the status of a protective workshop “RadIN” and the Association for Down Syndrome,  cooperation was made official, defining common goals and joint actions towards institutions, domestic and international donors. All in order to improve the lives of people with disabilities”- said Aleksandar Bundalo, director of UG “Nešto Više”.

By working together, these four organizations will develop ways to raise funds and look for opportunities that can contribute to improving social services and a better quality of life for people with disabilities. Great hopes are placed in systemic solutions that will be proposed to government institution . How they will accept that to organizations and people with disabilities remains to be fought and hoped for.

Maybe someone will fulfill his pre-election promises.