Sustainability Workshop with a Team from Association Naša Djeca – Our kids in BiH

14.12.2019. Saturday – Sustainability workshop with the team from Association Naša Djeca – Our kids in BiH.
In a wonderful atmosphere, with the fire in the kitchen of their home in Vrapčići, these guys and girls definitively deserved the title of nature’s guardians.
We’ve learned no to throw plastic bottles, all kinds of bags, papers, cards, old clothes, egg and peanut shells, leftover vegetables and fruit from the kitchen, orange and lemon crusts, detergent bottles with a sparkler on the top… In the end, instead of the toxic waste, we’ve learned to do:
bio-enzyme, natural detergent for cleaning all surfaces
a compost pile, the disposal of biomass (wet and dry) for preparation of compost for the garden
eco-rags from old clothes
the eco detergent of vinegar
eco-bricks from plastic bottles and soft plastic baggies and foils
Alongside all of that, we drank coffee, squeezed oranges and lemons to make vitamin C, snacked apples and pears, and treated ourselves with chocolate bananas, lollipops and candies.
And in the end, the icing on the cake:
kennel for kitties, made from castaway materials (old pallets, rubber mats, old tires, planks and watertight foils, plus old cotton, soft t-shirt, to make kitties inside the house comfortable and warm).
We installed the kennel in front of the house, and right next to it we’ve put a bowl with dry food for kittens and clean water. Friends will paint the boards to make it more colourful.
Now we wait for a kitten to come, to move in and get to work – with the shelter and safe food and water, the kitty will become an important part of our ecosystem while keeping rodents and lizards away from our gardens and house.
To our team, you were fantastic!
We promised we’d soon get the composter and we’ll work together on the poster how compost, not to forget how and what to put inside.
“Promotion of work environment, organizations of persons with disabilities” is a project in which UG Nešto Više, in collaboration with its long-time collaborators, organizations that are leaders in promoting rights of persons with disabilities from the area of Mostar is organizing, between other things and practical sustainability workshops.
This project is supported by the Federal Ministry of labour and social policy.

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