We held a round table “Analysis of the situation of gender equality in the Municipality of Banovići”

In the building of the Municipality of Banovići, on 10.12.2019., a round table on which are presented the results of “Analysis of the situation of gender equality in the Municipality of Banovići” was held. The round table was attended by representatives of the Centre for social work, JU Dječije obdanište in the Municipality of Banovići, Coal Mine in Banovići, Commission for gender equality, Municipality council, the Police department, the Women’s basketball club, the Association of youth BaUM, JZU Dom zdravlja, and entrepreneurial sector Mont-Fasaden ltd. and Tr “HM” who make up the working group for the development of local Gender Action Plan (GAP) for the Municipality of Banovići.
Presentation and discussion about the current state of gender equality led by Mr. Selmet Husanovic, the chief of the Department of entrepreneurship in the Municipality of Banovići, who together with the staff of “Nešto Više”, coordinates the process of developing the local GAP.
We thank all participants on contribution to the round table and we are looking forward to our future cooperation.
This activity is implemented within the project “Supporting the development of Gender action plans in six local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina2 which is supported by the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Embassy of the Netherlands in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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