Workshop with students on the project “Green business for a healthier environment in BiH”

Workshop for students from the Faculty of Agriculture, the University of Banja Luka about the green economy, permaculture, social entrepreneurship, renewable energy and sustainable development.

Participants were introduced to ways of launching a green business, practical elements of sustainability as systems for renewable energy sources with a design which prevents the waste of energy, recycling of greywater from the house using wetland billets and its re-use, green living roof, collecting, and the use of rainwater, and the importance of biodiversity in food production, regeneration of soil and green tools, creative recycling and use of materials in new point, hotels for insects, chicken tractor.

The participants had the opportunity to practically demonstrate what they learn and some of them expressed a desire to volunteer on our estate to develop even more personal practical skills.

The workshop was held in the framework of the project “Green business for a healthier environment in BiH” which was supported by “Ambassade de France en Bosnia-Herzegovine / French Embassy in BiH.