The first workshop of sustainability “Guardians of nature”

Members of the Association of parents and children with special needs “Vedri osmijeh” they decided that they want to be, and they are the guardians of nature. In today’s workshop, we talked about the benefits of preserving our environment, and how ourselves every day can contribute to it.
We learned (or reiterated), and practically tried how to better use resources and materials that would usually end up at the junkyard:
– the cover of citrus apples and pears – development of the bio-enzyme with the sugar and water, which after three months will be able to be used for cleaning all the surfaces and for the empowerment of plants
– plastic bags and labels of all kinds, and plastic bottles – with the help of magic bamboo stick eco-bricks are being made, of which we will subsequently build useful things like benches, small walls, raised billets…
– plastic bottles with an atomizer – development of cheap and effective bio-cleaning supplies: apple vinegar with lots of water, a good-looking asset in any home, yard, garden…
– the worn-out pieces of clothing like t-shirts, which are no longer for wearing, or gift – we shredded a few cotton t-shirts and made a lot of quality rags and tried to clean up the tables at the end of the workshop. Dirty rags were dried a bit, and washed with other laundry and are still for use.
– the remains of the biology waste from the kitchen – this wasn’t supposed to be explained to the kids since they compost already for over a year, and very well know what is allowed and not allowed to put it in the compost!
Our buddies from the Vedri osmijeh deserve the title of Guardians of nature, so we rewarded them with one practical cotton bag so they start avoiding plastic bags.
Bravo Vedri!
“Promotion of work environment in organizations with persons with disabilities” is a project in which UG Nešto Više, in collaboration with its long-time collaborators, organizations that are leaders in promoting rights of persons with disabilities from the area of Mostar is organizing, between other things, and practical sustainability workshops.
This project is supported by the Federal Ministry of labour and social policy.