We held training in energy efficiency in Banovići

We held training on energy efficiency at the premises of the BaUM Youth Association in Banovići. We talked about reducing the cost of electricity in everyday use for business, public and private individuals. We focused on the environmental impact of reducing electricity costs. We are based on the presentation of methods that do not require financial investments or cost very little and can contribute to energy savings, more rational use, better utilization and ultimately reduction of bills but also reduction of pollution. Attendees heard our positive experiences from practice and gained important insights into different energy efficiency systems.

At the very building where the BaUM Association is located, a thermal insulation facade is currently being set up that will allow young people who come to BaUM’s premises to spend the winter in a warmer space than previously with smaller heating bills, this served as an example of which we discussed partly but also with the various daily habits we have that can contribute to better comfort at less cost and less pollution.

The training was led by Adem Lisicic, project manager at the Citizens Association “Something More”.

Financial support for energy efficiency training was provided by CARE International Balkans through the project “Improving Social Services through Strengthening NGOs in BiH”, funded by the Czech Development Agency and CARE Czech Republic. In addition to the NGO “Something More”, the project “Improving Social Services through Strengthening NGOs in BiH” supported organizations: Amica Educa Tuzla, “Buducnost” Modriča, “Otaharin” Bijeljina, Sarajevo Open Center, Association of Cerebral Palsy and Dystrophy Gorazde and UG Duga Sarajevo. The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of 7 non-governmental organizations to improve access to social rights, protection and care for vulnerable categories in BiH.