Doing business with Norway

Staff “Nešto Više” attended the conference “Doing Business with Norway” which took place on 15.10.2010. in Mostar. The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to BiH, Mr. Jan Braathu spoke about the economic situation in his country, and about the good prospects for creating business relations with businessmen and organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Norwegian and Bosnian entrepreneurs presented their successes in the already initiated cooperation between the two countries, of which of particular interest for “Nešto Više” was the presentation of our partners from Jaren Produktutvikling, which Mr. Dragi Žujo brought to the public details of the successes of our farmers and cooperative, and the company AgroNeretva, which contracts the export of our products to Norway. Several experts presented the culture of Norwegian business, and talked about the development of quality standards, competitive pricing, and accreditation processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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