Get a job by volunteering- Volunteer to get a job

On 28.10.2010. The meeting in Srebrenica ended the second round of meetings of working groups formed in seven municipalities of the Republika Srpska in order to create local volunteer policies in those municipalities. Meeting have so far been held in Banja Luka, Laktasi, Doboj, Mrkonjic Grad, Srebrenica, Trebinje, Derventa.

In the first round of meetings, working groups were formed; the needs of the given communities and the necessary issues that should be defined in this document were discussed.

In the second round of meetings, working versions of the document were discussed, which defines general data on volunteering, priority areas of volunteering, evaluation and rewarding of volunteers, ways of implementation, and promotion of volunteering in local communities.

The creation of local volunteer policies in the municipalities of Republika Srpska represents a significant contribution to the implementation of the Law on Volunteering in RS, because these documents create a framework, for efficient use of community resources to solve its problems through volunteering.

Working meetings were organized by OKC and UG “Nešto Više” with the financial support of the Olof Palme Center and CCI.

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