-Meeting of BiH graduates of the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University Minnesota

CSBSJU College of Saint Benedict /Saint John’s University Minnesota The Association of Citizens “Nešto Više” and the BH department of graduates of Saint John’s University organized a gala dinner and daily cocktail party in Sarajevo, 09-10. September 2010,  for all Bosnian-Herzegovinian graduates of CSBSJU.

The graduates met and socialized with distinguished guests from The Whalen Family Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Whalen, and Ms. Yamasaki and Ms. Fesler. Our country was visited for the first time by a high delegation of Saint John’s: President Fr. Robert Koopman, and Mr. Rob Culligan, Vice President of Institutional Development.

During the gala dinner, the graduates of Saint Benedict College formally organized the BH department of CSB graduates. After signing the founding documents, the graduates chose Miss Jelena Maksimović as the first president of the department, for a term of two years.

With pleasant company, the graduates remembered their student days and planned their future activities.

The “Nešto Više” staff also formally met with the SJU delegation. The meeting agreed on the next steps for improving existing activities between NV and CSBSJU (internships for American students in BiH, trainings for BiH citizens in cooperation with CSBSJU professors), and development of new activities (short-term and semester international programs in BiH for students and staff with CSBSJU).

Our dear guests from the USA then visited the sights of Sarajevo, Mostar and Dubrovnik.

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