The second meeting of the Intersectoral Steering Committee of the project “Youth Retention Program in BiH – General Mobilization” was held.

Second meeting of the Intersectoral Steering Committee „Youth Retention Program in BiH – General Mobilization“ was held on the 23rd and 24th of November.  Project team members introduced the Steering Committee with so far projects activities and after that they discussed about future project activities, such as the Academy of Youth Activism and the International Expert Conference on Youth.
These meeting are important from the coordination point of view and improvement of the activities carried out by the project “General Mobilization” and the activities carried out by the institutions whose representatives are in the Steering Committee of the project.  The focus of the talks was on the International Conference, which will bring together experts in the field of youth policy, employment and higher education from several sectors such as institutions, business, youth organizations, youth councils, international organizations and will present their experiences and positive practices in youth employment and education.

We are pleased to have representatives on the Steering Committee from different sectors and to continue this multisectoral cooperation until the end of the project.
Board members are:
– Vladimir Pandurević – Delegation of the European Union in BiH
– Aleksandar Bundalo – Citizens Association Nešto Više

– Jasmin Jašarević – PRONI

– Saša Ačić – Union of Employers Associations of RS

– Milan Batinić – Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Srpska
– Aida Ivčev – Association of Employers of Brčko District of BiH

– Admir Salihagić – International Burch University

– Branka Malešević – Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of Republika Srpska

The project “General Mobilization” is implemented by the Cititzens Association Nešto Više in cooperation with the PRONI Center for Youth Development and the project is funded by the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina.