Apply for the training “Furniture design and engineering in CAD/CAM software Corpus”

If you are a working-age person with a disability and you want to train to work in CAD/CAM software Corpus, for furniture design and engineering, this is the right opportunity for you. 

Increasing the level of knowledge and competencies of employed and unemployed persons, especially persons with disabilities in order to improve the competitiveness of business is a constant need in today’s very dynamic business environment. Furniture salons, companies engaged in the design and manufacture of furniture, have recently become more and more in demand for this deficient staff, which is otherwise difficult to employ.

Žepče Development Agency and the Association of Citizens “Nešto Više” in cooperation with the Market Makers project and the support of the Institution for Vocational Adult Education WMTA Banja Luka organize:

Training in furniture design and engineering in CAD/CA software CORPUS

The training lasts 20 hours

Training organization: 2-3 times a week for 3 hours

Location of training: online, via web platforms

Application requirements: stable internet, solid computer with external graphics, basic knowledge of computer work

Trainings are FREE for all participants

You can find the application form HERE

The completed application form with acoompanying documentation is sent to the e-mail: or with the subject of the e-mail: Application for the public call for trainings.

The deadline for applying to the Public Invitation is 31.05.2021. until 2p.m.

The results of this Public Call will be published on the website of the Development Agency.

Selected candidates will be notifed by telephone of the resuts of the public call.

Note: by applying to this competition, you give your consent for the publication and use of the results of this Public Invitation.