UG Nešto Više Selected To Be Eco HUB – Resource Centre for Environmental Issues

Ten organizations, one of which is our Association “Nešto Više”, are chosen as Eco HUBs who will in the next three years work on strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations in ten regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and these were selected for the grants in the framework of the project “Think about nature!”.

Our Eco HUB will focus on the area of Mostar, Trebinje, Jablanica and Konjic, but also cooperate with colleagues from other areas of our country. We all need hope. Cherish through the fostering of life and the environment.

Project “Think about nature!”, conducted by the Centre for promotion of civil society, and funded by the Government of Sweden in the amount of 3.000.000 KM, aims to increase the impact of civil society in protecting the environment through connecting civil society institutions, professional entities, the media and young people for common, synchronized and strong action at the local level.

Selected Eco HUBs on the public call will work until the end of the project “Think about nature!”,

Grants for Eco HUBs assigned to the civil society organisations that are already established as organizations dealing with the protection of the environment, and that can be a source of knowledge, expertise, motivation and the factor of establishing partnerships among various local actors. Ten of those organizations that are awarded grants will form and take ten Eco-HUBs, and the involvement in the project will strengthen their organizational and institutional capacities so they can operate independently and in partnership in the regions in which they work, as well as to give support to other organizations and interest groups. In other words, Eco HUBs are resource centres for issues of the environment in the regions included in the project. Eco HUBs will work on the planning of their activities related to environmental protection, and that will be part of the strategic plan of the Eco-HUBs.

Organizations which won grants for EkoHUBs:

  1. Centar za ekonomski i ruralni razvoj (CERD), Laktaši
  2. Prijatelji prirode Eko element, Bugojno
  3. Nešto Više, Mostar
  4. Zelene staze – Organizacija za podršku održivom razvoju, Mrkonjić Grad
  5. Fojničani, Maglaj
  6. LIR Evolucija, Banja Luka
  7. Eko ZH, Široki Brijeg
  8. Eko forum, Zenica
  9. Omladinski klub Novi val, Blagaj
  10. Resursni Aarhus centar u BiH, Sarajevo

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