Peer Support for Women with Disabilities

In Teslić, from Friday at 08.03. to Sunday 10.03.2019, the first workshop with the users of the project “Community of different, but equal citizens” was held. Base theme of the three-day workshop was “Peer support for women with disabilities”, which was led by Mr. sci. Dijana Đurić, a psychologist, Jelena Popović, a social worker and Vera Bošković, a lawyer.

In a great atmosphere, participants from ten cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina shared their life stories, talked about what peer support meant to them and about the plans they have for the launch of a group of peer support in their local communities. They expressed satisfaction with the selection of topics. All said they still want to be empowered in the field of empirical support so that they alone could give such service as better as they can.

Of the 21, most participants are already recognized women activists in society, and soon we can expect them to take the role of leaders that will in their local communities launch initiatives and organise groups of peer support for persons with disabilities.

Project staff project “Community of different, but equal citizens” will, with pleasure, follow new initiatives of these determined women. Also, they will try to support them in various parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as encourage their further connections.

Project “Community of different, but equal citizens” is supported by the European Union, and implemented by the Organization UDAS, with partners Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (hCa) Banja Luka and Association of citizens Nešto Više.