My Name is Amina Šenderović, and, as of Today, a Master with Work Experience Thanks to the UG “Nešto Više”

After the end of the studies, most students meet with a tough task – finding yourself a job in the profession. These fights rarely end quickly. More often it’s everyday writing of motivational letters, compiling a CV, writing applications, sending emails, tracking portals for hiring, and rarely the day-to-day leaden monotony is “broken” with a few given chances for an interview.

I can’t say that my road is different from the road of most of my colleagues. I earned the master’s degree in Food technology in July 2017 at the faculty of Agriculture and food sciences of the University of Sarajevo. Since then, I’ve been in a constant search for my first work experience. I knocked on many doors, asking about the possibilities which are provided, but my search has always had a negative outcome. In the sea of applications, I came across the announcement Of the Association of Citizens Nešto Više for the project “Practical work experience for women with finished faculty” which is supported by the US Embassy – in the framework of the “Empowerment of women”. I applied to the tender and, after a specific time, I was invited as one of the winners of this project. Given that we could choose the company in which we want to practice, I decided for the Veterinary Institute, which operates as part of the Veterinary Faculty of University in Sarajevo. For this the Institute I have all the words of praise. All business associates have awaited me in the best way possible. They have unselfishly shared their knowledge and practical experience with me. They helped me to feel good in their environment, too. Through a two-month practice, I have acquired a great experience in the profession. I met with the methods used for the analysis of almost all food products. Also, I went through the system of accreditation and the ways of operation of this Institution.

I consider this experience to be a big leaping board for my future career. I recommend everyone not to hesitate when applicating for these or similar projects because you never know where it will bear the fruits of your effort.

My Name is Amina Šenderović, and, as of today, a master with work experience thanks to the UG “Nešto Više”