I Also Can Be a Farmer

I Also Can Be a Farmer (August 2016 – December 2016) Purpose of the project is to allow to persons with disabilities, through theoretical education and practical work, to learn the techniques of urban gardening, so they could have the opportunity to raise food for their household. Also, they would have the possibility for a greater degree of socialization, independence and the creation of a greater sense of self-confidence, and the ability to generate earnings. During the duration of the project, we will hold training in urban gardening, which includes growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and mushrooms in urban areas in places such as balconies, apartments and gardens with the use of the boxes adapted to different spaces. Target groups are persons with disabilities from the area of Sarajevo Canton and the city of Mostar. Activities are implemented on the farm of the Association, in Humilišani – Mostar. The farm is adapted for persons with disabilities and owns the access paths, toilets, etc. The project is supported by the Federal Ministry of labour and social policy.

The value of the project 20 884.00 KM

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