UG Nešto Više coordinator on the EU Localization project

Sarajevo, April 15, 2010 The mayors of forty (40) municipalities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of the Directorate for European Integration (DEI) and the Dutch Development Agency-SNV signed cooperation agreements in Sarajevo, which started the implementation of the project “Localization of the European Union (EU)”.

The goa of this three-year project is to better prepare local administrations for active participation in European integration processes.

During the implementation, eighteen (18) theoretical and fifteen (15) practical workshops on the topic of European integration and the influence of the local community will be held. Within the project “Localization of the EU”,  training for BiH media will be organized as well as a seminar on the EU for officials of state institutions. Citizen’s Association – Nesto Vise- wil coordinate the implementation of the Project in twelve (12) municipalities of the central region ( Novo Sarajevo, Ilidža, Novi Grad Sarajevo, Centar Sarajevo, Iijaš, Zenica, Travnik, Novi Travnik, Žepče, Vareš, Bugojno, Zavidovići) in the period from April to November 2010.

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