On-going Implementation – “Partnership for new jobs” in Teslić

Association of citizens “Nešto Više”, together with its partners: Municipality of Teslić, High school “Nikola Tesla” Teslić, ZZZRS Bureau Teslić, Interfob Banja Luka, and partner companies from the are of the Municipality of Teslić is implementing this project for over a year to reduce unemployment in the Municipality of Teslić. Although our goal was to employ 38 people, with the big effort we’ve been able to employ 52 persons. All persons went through intense training for occupations that are now dealing with. In the wood/metal industry, we employed 26 people, while also 26 persons decided to get a job by starting their own business by establishing commercial agricultural households. It is important to note that a large number of women, but also young people, went through the training and were hired through this project. It is particularly important that many got a chance to work on industrial machines of great value and great possibilities, and in that way trained to work on them. Through the formal educational system, due to the lack of such industrial machines, the last and current generations of students are denied the opportunity for practical training on such systems. This project made possible for them to work and already receive the pay, and through the work, they further develop in a professional sense.
The project is the result of a successful of co-operation of the Association of Citizens “Nešto Više” and Community administration Teslić, and through the program “Supporting local partnerships for the hiring in Bosnia and Herzegovina” funded by the European Union and implemented by the International labour organisation – ILO