Permaculture in Mostar: the Edible Forest Garden and the Management of Water

Association of citizens Nešto Više and social company EkoDizajn Mostar are organizing a new, this time a two-day, permaculture workshops on their test property in Humilišani, Mostar.
The first workshop “Introduction to the creation of a forest garden” will be held 29/30.07.2017 (Saturday and Sunday), and will involve techniques to design a forest garden, and eventually the initial steps for the preparation of the implementation of the design of a forest garden that will work on the aforementioned property after the workshop. Forest garden, or to us known and called the edible forest, is designing and creating a garden with perennials, i.e. the garden which with a minimum investment of energy and work constantly brings food on the table.
The second workshop “Work with water” will be held on 05/06.08.2017 (Saturday and Sunday), and will involve topics of water management on the estates, the construction of a pond, preparation of the system for treatment of greywater, maximising the used water on the ground or in the house/apartment.
The workshop will be led by an experienced British instructor of permaculture Rakesh Rootsman Rak, who is a specialist in forest gardens, teacher of yoga, homoeopath, and reggae DJ. Rakesh has led more than 170 courses of permaculture design, forest garden and design of the eco-village. He is active in the field of cultivation of food in urban gardens, local communities, the design of private farms, the design of the collaborative business, urban systems for collecting and storing water, and he is especially involved in the ideas of self-employment, eco-architecture, the capture and storage of energy, design of special systems for heating with more efficient use of energy, collecting, purifying and recycling water, natural beekeeping, etc. He is one of the founders of the project Children in permaculture, and Young people in permaculture which include children, youth, parents and teachers through the school programmes (
The workshops will be held in the period from 8 to 17-18, with breaks for lunch and short breaks. The instructor will be teaching in the English language, and, if necessary, participants will help each other with translation. The price (for two days) is 50 KM per participant. Participants will prepare a healthy meal of organic vegetables from the farm for a common lunch. The number of seats is limited, and applications are received on phone number 066 711 277 (Sanja Đermanović).

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