-The first BiH Rural Parliament has been successfully completed

The first Rural Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held on May 15, 2015 in the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH in Sarajevo. The organizers of the Rural Parliament were partners in the project ACoRD – Alliance for Joint Rural Development (ACED from Banja Luka, REDAH from Mostar, UG “Nešto Više” from Sarajevo, LAG Una-Sana from Sanski Most and ELARD from Brussels), which was funded by EU funds, in cooperation with the Rural Development Network in BiH, which was also established within the ACoRD project, and which currently consists of 18 civil society organizations in BiH dealing with agriculture and rural development.

The first BiH Rural Parliament was attended by over 130 participants from all over BiH, who with their active work contributed to the most constructive discussion and their comments influenced the creation of the Declaration as an output document of the Rural Parliament. The Rural Parliament is an event that discusses key challenges for rural development and makes conclusions and recommendations that are forwarded to all actors in rural development, from government institutions at all levels to people in rural areas gathered in civil society organizations, cooperatives, associations, companies, etc. In accordance with the above practice, the First BH Rural Parliament also discussed in panels the topics that are generally divided into three areas and represent the biggest challenge for rural development, namely: Priorities for agricultural development, Priorities for rural development and Civil society and rural development . Within each area, the basic recommendations were presented, which were adopted after discussion and voting, and form an integral part of the Declaration, which, together with the conclusions at the end of the parliament, was adopted in full and unanimously.

You can view the declaration of the first BiH Rural Parliament here.

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