ESC call for long term volunteers in Kuterevo, Croatia


Learning with seasons
2020 – 2021

Velebit Association Kuterevo is a volunteer-based organization, situated in Kuterevo village in Croatia. Currently, the organization is looking for 4 volunteers coming from Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia.

Volunteering projects taking place in Kuterevo are unique, as life in village and with animals has its specificity. It takes a good amount of willingness for taking responsibility of animals, other volunteers, building relationships with villagers, etc. Sometimes work is overwhelming, while in other periods there is less need. This is important to know, as life in Kuterevo is following the natural cycles and seasons.

Learning with seasons is an ESC project which will gather 4 volunteers coming from

European Union and the Western Balkans.

The project aims to bring international volunteers and local people from mountainous and rural area together, for a mutual learning experience. It is designed to support young people to develop their skills and to support the hosting organization in its mission. An important aim is to strengthen young people's capacities to create their own changes.

Velebit Association Kuterevo is a local non-governmental  organization that runs a Bear Refuge and is dealing with preservation of natural and cultural heritage. Thus, the project will be mainly focused on nature issues, bears and their management, the local community and their traditions. It is a volunteer-based organization, that is providing opportunity for many people to explore simple and more sustainable lifestyle, to experience intergenerational  learning and to provide a space for personal growth. The objectives of the project is to inspire young people to make cha nges in the way they live, primarily with more care and respect for the nature and people.


There is always something to do around the Refuge. Following the cycle of the seasons, in spring and summer volunteers will do all kinds of work outside, while from late autumn and winter there is time to do more indoor tasks.

Apart from the variation depending on the seasons, the main work all year around includes:

  • Build/renovate/maintain facilities in the Refuge
  • Take care of animals (bears, ponies, chickens, pigs…)
  • Introduce individual/short term volunteers into the work/communal life
  • Welcome and educate visitors, groups and families about bears
  • Document the daily life around the Refuge
  • Use creativity to add/change/improve/revive things


Kuterevo upkeeps the LOCAL TRADITIONS and the villagers are proud to share their culture, traditions and way of life with volunteers.

To make contact with the villagers and to be able to show visi tors around the refuge it’s very

important to be motivated to LEARN CROATIAN.

The volunteers will learn about THE BEAR, its biology, ecology, protection and mythology. In addition, the project will improve their knowledge on nature, its cycles and biodiv ersity.

As the organization is volunteer-based, young people will have the opportunity to experience living in an international COMMUNITY, learn from each other, share, raise their consciousness on sustainable lifestyle and learn about LIFE IN VILLAGE.

The volunteers will get an opportunity to take part in training for camp coordination, as well as other training opportunities, related to nature conservation and volunteering.


Duration: 1 year

Arrival day: autumn 2020, the dates are flexible, for example arrival on 1.9. or 1.10. Age: between 18 and 30 years

Accommodation:  In Kuterevo village, in houses of local people. Rooms will be shared (depending on the number of long-term volunteers at the time, it can be the volunteers alone, or sharing room with 2 or 3 persons per room) and they are few minutes walk from the Refuge.

Food: The ESC volunteers will cook for themselves in teams; all volunteers in Kuterevo share

meals together. The food will be vegetarian, as we are trying to be as sustainable as possible.

Pocket money: 150 EUR per month (5 EUR per day), received in the beginning of each month

Insurance: Volunteers will be insured by CIGNA. It is advised to make European Health

Insurance (valid in all EU countries; free to make).

Travel to the venue: Reimburse of the travel tickets will be done according to the rules of t he

Erasmus+ program based on distance calculation and at receipt of original documents. The environmental way of travelling (train, bus, etc.) is strongly encouraged.

Velebit Association Kuterevo webpage:


For more information, please contact us on  kuterevo.evs@gmail.com